Software Services


Our software development team has vast experience in working with different technologies and operating systems building complex software systems for the enterprise. The specific list of our capabilities currently is:

  •  Web services. This is the core of any successful software system. Our experts in Ruby on Rails, PHP, .NET and Java will help you build a great server solution (local or Cloud) packed with a slick web administration interface.
  •  Build, test and deployment automation. Software industry and best development practices have grown a lot since the dawn of computer science. Our team can guide you through the process of building the best environment for rapid software development of flawless IT products.
  •  Mobile app development. In the modern world mobile access to information is not an add-on but a requirement for any software product or service. We develop mobile applications in such a way that they will perform great on any platform or hardware of your customers.
  •  Desktop applications. Whether it is C++, C#, Java, Python or Ruby, a desktop application should provide the full functionality while complying with corporate standards, and this is exactly how our team creates such applications.


In the field of Software Quality Assurance (Software Testing) we deliver an independent view of the software which will help your company to improve its products and raise the end-user satisfaction. We add value to your business solutions by giving you deep understanding and analysis of the actual state of the software in any phase of the development process. Outsourcing the software testing to us will allow you to focus on your core business while benefiting from our know-how services and efficient cost-saving solutions.

Our team of professionals employs leading industry methodology and best practices, such as Agile development and Scrum. The Agile testing is based on the end user’s point of view and uses iterative techniques rather than rigid plans and procedures until the desired quality is achieved.

Our Software Quality Assurance (Software Testing) Services cover the following types of testing:

  •  Functional Testing. This type of testing assures that the software functions as intended, covering systematically the entire range of expected and unexpected, but possible, scenarios.
  •  Usability Testing. A software product or a system, especially a web based one, can work according to the specifications, but have a little or no commercial success because of its inherent difficulty to the end user. The usability testing makes sure that the things are not only where they should be, but where an average consumer would expect them to be.
  •  Automated Testing. A lot of bugs are exposed during the repeated process of execution of the same steps over and over again. The automated testing allows many different scenarios to be programmed and executed without human intervention, covering large sections of the software code. T-Soft has an extensive experience using the built-in scripting tools of different applications and operating systems, as well as the industry leading suites for automated testing.
  •  Load and Stress Testing. It is very important to test the limits of the software, not only to make sure it works under such heavy or extreme conditions, but also to find bugs which otherwise would be impossible to identify. In any case, we have to make sure that there is no corruption or loss of data regardless of the load.
  •  Performance Testing. If a web site functions according to the specifications and is user friendly, but upon certain conditions becomes inaccessible or the response time increases above certain limit, the users will simply find another provider of the services they are looking for. In today’s highly competitive environment it is crucial that every information system responds in a timely manner to the customer’s enquires no matter what.
  •  Beta testing. It is not trivial to manage the process of distributing the software to the end users, responding to their questions and collecting and analyzing their feedback. T-Soft can do that for you, freeing your time and resources for your core business.
  •  Documentation Services. Many software companies tend to focus on the product itself, not paying attention to the internal and end user documentation. At the same time, the overall satisfaction of the product depends also on the quality of the documentation. Bugs exist in the documentation also and in some cases are not less important than the bugs in the software.


Our technical support experts are proficient in the latest technologies as well as in English (we have the ability to provide language capabilities in other languages upon request). They cooperate closely with the rest of the team when working on issues requiring deep insight of the products and technologies involved, in order to provide timely and accurate assistance. They excel in understanding our customers’ needs and environment which allows them to solve the most complex problems, even if the fault is not within the scope of the products we support. The experience our technical support department has gained during many years of working with some of the world’s biggest multinational banks, healthcare institutions, publishing houses, media companies, etc., helps them tremendously in terms of finding and applying the most efficient ways of solving our customers’ cases.

Support is available via phone, e-mail and web conferencing for issues which require understanding and expertise in our customer’s software products, systems and their integration in real life production environments. We feel comfortable handling configuration issues, performance issues (including network performance) as well as diagnosing and reproducing issues related to faults in the code of the products. The assistance we provide is not limited to solving existing issues; instead we think and work proactively, helping to make changes in time, preventing potential problems from occurring in the future.

We work from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM local time (UTC+02:00). Our geographical location is very convenient, since we cover the Far East in the morning, Europe during the day, and the Americas in the afternoon/evening.


Our technical writing services consist of the following types of writing:

  •  Web Help. A good Web Help is necessary in order to get both new and existing users familiar with your product and all of its features. After reading the Web Help, users should understand how the product works and how to use it for their needs.
  •  PDF and Word guides. It’s good to have sections of the documentation – like End User Guides – available both online and offline. PDF and Word guides can be easily printed or shared inside your company intranet.
  •  Knowledge base articles. Very specific use cases and workarounds are rarely necessary in the full web help. With a good KB article, you have that information stored for when you or your clients need it.
  •  FAQ. A FAQ section can solve a lot of your users’ problems before they become problems. With a detailed list of things that are specific to your software, users will have a much smoother time using your product.

We can create other important documents if needed in a clear and concise manner. Our writers are also technical experts, because in the process of writing they have to investigate and resolve different technical issues.


T-Soft has proven that it can deliver results on time and on budget, combining the best practices in the software development process with a mature project management.

Our goal is to establish long term relationships with our clients and deliver continuously up to date solutions, excellent timing and results.